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Aim of the project is to strenghten participatory planning and decision making in Plzen municipality.

Project partners (Center for Community Organizing West Bohemia and Ideas Bank Foundation Norway) together with representatives of municipal and district employees, elected officials and civic initiatives will implement series of activities including:

  • non-political pre-election candidates forums,
  • pilot involvement of citizens in selected key municipal decisions and
  • education and training activities on public participation for public administration NGOs and citizen iniciatives.

Already implemented activites:

  • Five pre-election non-political discusion forums of candidates form municipal districts assemblies. More.
  • One training for public administration employees, elected officials, NGOs and active citizen groups on methods and approaches in public participation (including experiences from Norway) - Workshop in Plzen the 7th of November 2014 Kirsten Paaby, the Ideas Bank. More.

Within the project following activities will be implemented:

  • Study tour focusing on examples of good practices in public participation and citizen dialogue in Norway (for cca 6-8 participants from all target groups)
  • Description and analysis of 3 cases of „subpolitical“ decisions (cases when decision was done outside of politoval, democratically controlled and transparent sfere)
  • Implementation od 5 public participation processes (in co-operation with public administration), evaluation of lessons learned
  • Development of 2 days training for public administration employees on how to facilitate public involvement in planning and decision-making on community level

The duration of the project is 21 months – starting 1st August 2014 and ending 30th Apríl 2016

Projekt Coordinator:

Pavla Dusíková Jindrová, (774 497 871, pavla.dusikova@cpkp.cz )

Project Partner: Ideas Bank Foundation Norway

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA

Grants. www.eeagrants.org and www.fondnno.cz

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