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Centre for Community Organising

The Centre for Community Organising (CCO/CpKP) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that provides information, advisory services and direct assistance to representatives from public administration, civic organizations and businesses in the following areas:

Local Economic and Community Development

CCO provides consultation services for preparation of local social and economic development projects with respect of sustainability principles. For example CCO prepares and update local, micro-regional and regional development strategies; assists in preparation of local social and economic development projects and activities aimed at disadvantaged areas or groups of citizens; we facilitates Local Action Groups in the rural areas under the LEADER+ programme etc. We cooperate with local partners (public administration, businesses and NGOs) which enable us to tailor the projects to local conditions.

Regional Policy of European Union and Regional Development of the Czech Republic

Within this program CCO implements activities promoting principles of partnership and transparent decision-making in regional policy of European Union. In the Czech Republic we facilitate a notion-wide network of NGOs within broad national discussion on preparation and implementation of EU regional policy instruments. CCO is actively involved in discussions about forms of regional policy, intermediates information for other non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and prepare joint recommendations and strategies. We transfer our experience from the Czech Republic to other “new” as well as “old” EU member countries.

Citizen/NGOs participation in local and regional development

CCO designs and implements public participation programmes in planning and decision-making.  For example programs for citizen participation in planning and designing of public spaces, in housing estate revitalizations, in preparation of community development strategies or in investment planning.

Education & Training

CCO supports and educate members of civic and non-profit organizations and public sector on all levels. CCO conducts training seminars or design comprehensive training programmes on strategic planning, EU Regional Policy and funding programmes, citizen participation in decision-making processes and planning for public administration, local development. We also provide assistance to unemployed people in disadvantaged or rural areas.

Projects & activities

2014 - 2016 Pilsen - City of (Political) Culture

Project partners (Center for Community Organizing West Bohemia and Ideas Bank Foundation Norway) together with representatives of municipal and district employees, elected officials and civic initiatives will implement series of activities including: non-political pre-election candidates forums, pilot involvement of citizens in selected key municipal decisions and education and training activities on public participation for public administration NGOs and citizen iniciatives.

2015 - 2016 Compass - Communication and Participation Sure Thing

Aim of the project is to strenghten participatory planning and decision-making in small towns of Plzen region. Project partners CpKP and Ideas Bank Foundation Norway, together with representatives of involved municipalities, NGOs and civic iniciatives of three project towns will implement series of activities including i) development of Municipal Strategy for Communication and Citizens Involvement, ii) establishing new tools for communication with citizens and iii) implementing of public participation program in selected decision of the town. Another component of the project is education in public participation and sharing of best paractices.

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